Who Are We?

A couple of nerds, basically: one vintage nerd (Shawna McLellan) and one book nerd (Slay Spencer).

But Really, Who Are We?

We are a vintage clothing and bookshop located in New Westminster, B.C. We carry a curated selection of clothing for all genders and fits, including: jeans, t-shirts, outerwear, pants, sweaters, workwear and dresses. We carry rare, out-of-print books, as well as new books and a small selection of comics in all genres from science fiction and fantasy to postmodern fiction and small publisher oddities.

If you are interested in selling or trading your vintage clothes or used books, we are interested in hearing from you - we always deal fairly at aboveboard rates.

Since our launch on Etsy and pop-up markets, we have provided sustainable fashion of all kinds to all types of people from all parts of the world. One of our goals is to continually offer one-of-a-kind, covetable items to our customers while maintaining an eco-conscious and fully inclusive disposition.

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